Youth Appreciate Voluntarism Prior to Employment Proposed by PM Abiy

Mekele Some participants of the discussion held with Prime Minister Abiy in Mekele yesterday appreciated his emphasis on active youth voluntarism prior to employment.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Tsegab Iyassu said the people had a chance to directly communicate their grievances to the PM instead of passing them to representatives.

Responding to the problem of youth unemployment raised by the participants, Abiy proposed that volunteer service prior to seeking employment would help the youth in many ways.

Tsegab said, I agree with his idea that the youth serve voluntarily in any field so that they can carry out their social responsibilities and ensure that they are genuine public servants prior to applying for a job.

He urged the youth to prioritize the maintenance of peace and stability in the country while practically displaying its commitment towards realizing the country's growth which entirely rests on the shoulders of the youth.

Another participant, Haile Hagos said the youth must not forget that the sacrifice they pay shall only be for the greater good of the public which is the best way to express patriotism.

Moreover, the youth need to take into account that Ethiopia has limited resources and grab any job opportunity instead of wasting time on unattainable dreams.

Haile pointed out that the premier's quick visit right after his appointment to some parts of the country signifies his strong commitment towards addressing public grievances.

The other youth participant, Ebe Legese, said the PM has given due attention to the youth and this is very appreciable since the youth can obviously be the source for destruction or growth.

According to him, greening the country and volunteering on urban sanitation could be a good opportunity for the youth in carrying out their social responsibilities and preserving the natural ecosystem and protecting public hygiene.

Prime Minister Abiy, in his discussion with the people drawn from Tigray Regional State yesterday, emphasized that the government will look into voluntary services of graduates in the years to come.

This is mainly because we believe that youth that cannot benefit the general public through voluntarism cannot be genuine civil servants and citizens when the they are employed in firms, he elaborated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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