Women Speakers Establish National Joint Forum

Addis Ababa A Joint Forum of Women Speakers drawn from across the country was established today to improve the leadership role of female speakers by exchanging experiences and building their capacity.

It aims to promote gender equality in all fields of public life and functions in a sustained manner.

The joint forum established today comprises of speaker and deputy speakers drawn from federal, regional, city administrations, zones and districts.

House of People's Representatives (HPR) Speaker, Muferiat Kamil said the forum will help women to use their political, civil, economic and social rights for their empowerment and the benefit of the country.

She added that women's participation in decision-making would improve gender equality in all fields and to table issues relevant to women on all forums to seek solutions to their plights by adopting applicable strategies and pertinent laws.

According to her, the forum will have positive impact on increasing women's participation in the upcoming national election and their capacity to take part as contenders in the election to seek leadership positions.

HPR Deputy Speaker Shitaye Minale said on her part even if women's political participation is increasing from time to time in our country, their number remains low when compared with that of men. It therefore needs our relentless effort to improve women's participation in political decision-making processes.

Women's participation in decision-making will enable them to create influential women in the political, economic and social development of the country, she noted.

There are over 600 women speakers and deputy speakers representing women at district, zonal, regional, city administrations and at federal levels.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency