US Needs to Correct its Misguided Stance on Current Situation in Ethiopia: Prof. Abate

The US administration needs to come to its senses regarding the current situation in Ethiopia for the sake of its own interest in the region, Ethiopian borne American professor of Texas Southern University, Abate Tadesse has urged.

It’s bewildering to see the US, a beacon of democracy, fails to support the newly elected democratic government of Ethiopia in its first steps of democratic practice, the professor  said.

Speaking to ENA Prof. Abate said Ethiopia’s role to ensuring peace and development in the horn and in the wider Africa has long been recorded in history which the US administration failed to understand.

Being the anchor of the region and strategically located,  Ethiopia is very crucial for the American interest in the region and even beyond, Abate said.

According to him, the US has lots of interest in the region that spans from security to economics, in that regard Ethiopia with its vast market of over 110 million people and strong military is very crucial.

For the sake of American interest,  Washington needs to correct its course regarding its current handling of Ethiopia, he added.

” The Ethiopian cause I believe is the right cause, and it is very beneficial for the American government;  also for its interests in the region, in eastern African region and Africa as a whole, I am thinking of American interest as well, by supporting Ethiopia-American interest will be respected,” the Professor elaborated.

The democratic transition observed in Ethiopia has been well recognized by the international community including the African Union, he said.

“For the first time in the nation’s history, the public has elected its own government. Therefore, the US administration should understand the fact that attacking the Ethiopian government is like attacking the people who elected it,” Professor Abate stated.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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