Universities to be Autonomous in Upcoming Two Years: Ministry of Education

Some 10 first-generation universities will become autonomous in the next two years, according to Ministry of Education.

Administration and Basic Affairs Chief Executive Officer at the ministry, Solomon Abraha told ENA that the changes are being made based on the roadmap set to maintain the quality of education.

Making universities autonomous is one of the activities of the reform for which operational systems, legal frameworks, rules and guidelines are prepared, he added.

The CEO revealed that Addis Ababa University will be autonomous in a few months, and that would enable it to create the capacity to properly carry out its mission and quality education as well as research work.

The university was chosen as the first to become autonomous in view of its current capacity and educational programs.

In the next two years, 10 universities, including Addis Ababa University, which have been given a research mission and identified as the first generation would be autonomous.

Moreover, Solomon pointed out that being autonomous does not mean that the universities would never administer the institutions of higher learning.

It means they would fulfill their missions with accountability and responsibility.

Addis Ababa University President, Professor Tassew Woldehanna said autonomy will allow the university to carry out its mission to solve the country’s political, economic and social issues.

The professor stated that being autonomous will give them the opportunity to strengthen their capabilities and do better work. It is also important to improve the quality of education.

Furthermore, Professor Tassew said it creates an opportunity for the university to establish research and community services successfully and in an effective and cost-effective manner.

Financial, human resource recruitment, asset management and labor management laws will be introduced when the university becomes independent.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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