UNHCR Ethiopia: Bi-weekly Operational Update: 1-15 April 2019

New Ethiopia Refugee Law Published: Ethiopia's revised refugee law has come into force following its publication in the Negarit Gazette. Please click here for a link to the proclamation.

Tigray Regional Education Bureau donates supplies to Mai-Aini Secondary School:

As part of the New Way of Working, the Regional Education Bureau of Tigray donated 11 Plasma TV sets to the Mai-Aini camp Secondary School as part of the effort to align instructional delivery in refugee camps with the national system. Since 2004 secondary schools in Ethiopia have been employing what is known as the live TV mode of instructional delivery in which case instructions for certain subjects are offered through TV and in a centralized manner rather than through class room teachers. UNHCR and its Education partner DICAC are working to integrate the secondary schools in Shimelba and Hitsats camp in Tigray region to the live TV instructional mode as well.

Comprehensive biometric data registration continues throughout the country.

During the period -1-15 April 2019, an additional 42,607 individuals completed the process, bringing the overall total to 427,904 persons. Progress by Camp can be tracked on a daily basis via the UNHCR Operational Data Portal, https://data2.unhcr.org, and directly at https://im.unhcr.org/eth/.

Somali refugees in Sheder camp to be issued with SIM cards: Preparatory work, including sensitization, is underway in Sheder refugee camp near Jijiga, ahead of a planned issuance of mobile phone network cards to refugee households in the camp.

Article 34 of the revised refugee law allows refugees and recognized asylum seekers to access telecommunications services including mobile phone SIM cards. The SIM cards will ensure better connectivity and digital inclusion of refugees. At the same time, possibilities are being explored to try to use the SIM cards to effect mobile money transfer under UNHCR's ongoing cash based intervention (CBI) whereby refugees are given a portion of their aid entitlements in cash.

Actress and Singer Kat Graham visited camps for Somali refugees in Ethiopia:

Swiss-born American actress and singer Kat Graham, who is also UNHCR's High Profile Supporter, visited refugee camps in south eastern Ethiopia hosting approximately 200,000 Somali refugees. From 1-3 April 2019, Ms. Graham visited the Bokolmanyo and Kobe camps and interviewed refugee women and girls on camera to support UNHCR's social media advocacy

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees