Undue Pressure on Ethiopia Designed to Bring About Regime Change: Researcher at South African University

The undue pressure put on Ethiopia by some Western countries is designed to effect regime change like in other African countries, South Africa’s Tshwane University of Technology Senior Researcher and Lecturer Mulatu said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Mulatu Fikadu pointed out that Western countries have a good record of success of regime change in Africa, and most of the regime change that happened in Africa were orchestrated by Western nations.

By dismantling governments of the people, they have been successful in putting their puppet governments, he added, noting that they now have also a strong ambition to repeat this in Ethiopia.

Western nations, especially the European Union member states, United States, and the Government of the United Kingdom have been playing a negative role in managing the crisis in Ethiopia, the scholar stated.

“As Ethiopians, however, we really understand that there are good friends of Ethiopia, and good governments that are really working hard for the positive outcome from the current condition.”

He stressed that every country has its own national interest, but our national interest should not be at the expense of other nations.

These countries have still intention to dismantle all the social fabric of Africa, and now primarily Ethiopia. But, this evil wish of Western countries will not happen, Mulatu stressed.

According to him, what is decided by the US is automatically accepted as normal measure by European counterparts. That is sad thing and they are not learning from history.

“They want to put a puppet government in Ethiopia. This is an intentionally designed attempt. So, this pressure is not a sudden event. It has been orchestrated, it has been designed. Policy makers and policy advisors have been discussing this issue. They have been working how to make the Ethiopian government weak so that they can manipulate as they desire,” he further  revealed.

The scholar explained that the international community doesn’t recognize that the Northern Command, which has been protecting the region for over 20 years as a family of the people of Tigray, was attacked by the TPLF rebel group.

They still have no full understanding and this is partly because of misinformation and disinformation, he added.

The Ethiopian people have fully rejected TPLF and yet the US government wants to keep TPLF in power. That is wrong prejudice and perception from the side of US, especially the Biden Administration.

Mulatu further said they are also trying to teach us about democracy. But, “we had democracy before anywhere in the globe. So, no one can to teach us about democracy because democracy is not something you buy or purchase from Western countries.”

First and foremost, they have to recognize the democratically elected government before they go far and recognize the wish of people of Ethiopia, the researcher stated.

” If they want to help Ethiopia, they need to recognize the interest of Ethiopians and what they want. Is it regime change, sustainable development, sustainable peace? So, the people need to be consulted rather than prescribing unwarranted and unscientific procedures for Ethiopia.”

The researcher underlined that undue pressure on Ethiopia is unacceptable. It cannot bring anything. Ethiopians have the history of galvanizing solidarity at the times like this.

Commenting about some of the Western media outlets, he said that they want to make profits from any expense and again these media outlets are sponsored by governments and want to fulfill the objectives of their sponsors.

Mulatu noted that they don’t care about the poor people of Ethiopia, because the poor cannot pay billions or millions of dollars. If they are paid, they can create misinformation and disinformation that circulate globally and mislead the international community.

He further revealed that they want to repeat the devastation they caused in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, in Ethiopia too.

Profit is behind all this misery, the scholar underscored, adding that at the end of the day the outcome is zero sum game. They need to learn from this and refrain from such double standard.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency