UN Working on Prevention of Abuse of Women in IDPs Camps: Letty Chiwara

Addis Ababa Major activities are underway to prevent the abuse of women and the vulnerability of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to sexual harassment in particular, according to UN Women.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, UN Women Country Representative Letty Chiwara said activities have been undertaken to address and support the humanitarian crisis displaced women are facing in some parts of Ethiopia.

UN Women is part of the cluster that focuses on social protection of vulnerable populations, particularly women and girls, she added.

The activities of UN Women include training of service providers, and this could be those which provide food or any other services for displaced communities.

We are training them on prevention of sexual harassment because we have realized that in communities of displaced persons, one of the biggest challenges is sexual harassment, Chiwara noted.

The representative underscored that it is the right of every women and every child to receive food, and never be abused.

We are acting in all of the displaced communities; and, of course, in all of the humanitarian situations, she affirmed.

The UN Women has also started to work with the government to provide shelters or centers, particularly for women and girls that have already been abused or cannot move due to their injuries, Chiwara disclosed.

The representative expressed her hope that the activities being undertaken will be beneficial for women.

She further said, We continue to ensure that organizations that provide food, shelter, water and sanitation will not discriminate against women.

During the last few months of 2018, UN Women was able to train more than 200 service providers on various issues, it was learned.

Source: Government of Ethiopia