UN System Disregarding Intl Norms, Disrespecting Sovereignty of Ethiopia: Scholar

The United Nations (UN) systems and some western countries are violating international laws and norms including the Vienna Convention, a disrespect to the sovereignty of Ethiopia, according to a scholar.

In an exclusive interview with ENA,  Getachew Asefa (PhD), Dean of the College of Law and Good Governance Studies, Addis Ababa University,  said that the UN systems and some western actors have violated international laws and international diplomatic relations by abusing their mandates in the name of human rights.

The government of Ethiopia is trying to defend the sovereignty of the country against the TPLF that has started the war to destabilize the nation by force, without hiding its intentions, to overthrow the government, the scholar underscored.

“So to treat the TPLF as co-equally body or organ with the Ethiopian government is simply a violation of the international laws, norms, international diplomatic relations and the Vienna convention,” he elaborated.

Regarding the UNHRC recent resolution on Ethiopia, Getachew said “this underscores the fact that the UN and within its sub-parts like the UN Human Rights Council are essentially sidestepping the international law norms in terms of how a member state of the United Nations and the sovereign state should be treated in regards to its internal affairs”.

For Getachew, without recognizing international practices, the UN is simply disregarding the norms.  In fact, the UN’s mandate is involved only when international peace and security is affected or threatening international peace.

Ethiopia’s case in no way affects the international peace; the scholar said, adding  it is rather a domestic issue in which the terrorist  group attempts to destabilize the well functioning of the Ethiopian state.

So, Getachew added the UN’s involvement is simply unwarranted and unacceptable as it has been shown by the countries that are on the side of truth and international principles when this issues tabled by the western countries.

Citing that the resolution by UNHRC has originated by the western countries that are doing the same thing at the UN Security Council which clearly shows politicization of Human Rights, he said the rejection of the resolution by African countries manifests that it is a political agenda of the western countries and UN system on Ethiopia.

“Not giving attention for the joint investigation and forcing another round of investigation is something not acceptable and this is nothing to do with protection of human rights,” he affirmed.

It is to be recalled that United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva had endorsed a resolution entitled human rights situation in Ethiopia, which was drafted and tabled mainly by the member states from the European Union as Ethiopia has categorically rejected the resolution from its inception not only when it was adopted.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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