UN Humanitarian Affairs Under-Secretary General Urges Int’l Community to Continue Supporting Ethiopia

Addis Ababa UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock said the international community should continue providing support for Ethiopia to deal with the problems of humanitarian challenges.

Under-Secretary General Lowcock held discussion with Peace State Minister Zeynu Jemal today.

According to the Under-Secretary General, the meeting mainly focused on how the UN and the international community can support the government's efforts to deal with displacement of people and particularly the underlying reasons for dislocation.

Appreciating the efforts made by the government, Lowcock said we are encouraged by the strategy the government has developed by focusing on enabling people to be repatriated to their homes.

He further stated that the UN is working with women and other community groups to address the concerns people have before they get to the point of getting caught up in conflict and displacement.

Ethiopia has large number of people who remain very vulnerable and susceptible to drought; and the country faces problems from a number of natural disasters.

Thus, there is still a humanitarian challenge even if the government is making enormous progress in development and providing better life for people, the Under-Secretary General elaborated.

In this regard, United Nations believes that the international community should continue to provide general support for Ethiopia to deal with the challenges.

Peace State Minister Zeynu Jemal said on his part a fruitful discussion was made with the Under Secretary General on ways to provide sustainable support for people who repatriated.

As a result of the efforts made by the government, in collaboration with donor agencies, there is no new report of displacement in the country, he added.

According to Zeynu, preparations are finalized to resettle four thousand householders in Somali region starting this month.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency