UN Allocates 250 Million USD for 18 Countries to Combat Famine, Address Emergencies

Addis AbabaUnited Nations Secretary General, Antonio Gutiérrez announced the largest-ever allocation from UN Central Emergency Response Fund 250 million USD to support the most vulnerable people in 18 countries of the most forgotten crisis around the world.

Briefing journalist today in Addis Ababa, Gutiérrez said that some 339 million people are in need of humanitarian aid around the world, an increase of more than 25 percent since last year.

“I am talking about 18 countries in the world of which 12 are in the African continent. These resources will support the most vulnerable people in some of the most forgotten crisis around the world, including those at risk of famine in Africa,” he elaborated.

The UN is proud partner for peace, the Secretary General said, and stressed ” we share Africa’s optimism springing from the AU-led peace agreement here in Ethiopia, the ceasefire in Libya, the Peace agreements in South Sudan, and the Central African Republic, and the forward momentum in Somalia.”

Developing countries are handed raw deal, he said, and called for new Bretton Woods moment to give developing countries greater voice in global institutions and create a new debt architecture that provides relief when countries need it most.

According to the UN the Secretary General, longstanding development issues can combine with climate chaos, economic shocks and violent conflicts and spin into a whirlwind of humanitarian disaster.

Moreover, Gutiérrez called for the developed world to stand with emerging economies as they make tough transitions that will benefit the world through an ambitiously funded global Sustainable Development Goal stimulus package.

He reiterated that UN will continue working to advance democracy, accountable and responsive governance structures across the continent.

The United Nations Secretary General is in Addis Ababa to participate at the 36th ordinary Session of the AU Assembly that opened today under the theme, “Accelerating AfCFTA Implementation.”

In a remark he delivered at the summit this morning, Guterres said the African Union is taking inspiring steps to realize the enormous potential of this great continent.

“In particular, I am pleased to see your strong focus on job creation and the enormous potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA,” he stated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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