Twitter CEO, Co-Founder Jack Dorsey to Arrive in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa The Twitter Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey has begun his visit to Africa on Thursday in Nigeria as part of his listening and learning tour across Africa.

Jack Dorsey will visit Ethiopia, Ghana as well as South Africa after he wraps up his visit in Nigeria.

In a tweet where he announced his arrival in Logos, he said he is going to spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs in Africa.

He is expected to meet with Ethiopia's 'Tech Queen' Betlhem Dessie, Project Manager at 'ICog', a tech firm dedicated to advancing the frontier of artificial intelligence research and application quality products to customer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

He will also meet with Noel Daniel, who is a cofounder at Africa 'Tech Next', a global series of panel events on African tech entrepreneurship and market opportunities in the continent's unfolding digital revolution.

Source: Ethiopia News agency