Training and Consultancy Service Wing Holds In-house Workshop

Ethiopian Civil Service University Training and Consultancy Service Wing held one day in-house workshop on Assosa Town Structure plan on April 11, 2019 at Hidasse Hall.

On the program Dr. Waqgari Negari, vice president for Training and Consultancy, said that Assosa Town Structure plan is one of ECSU great project that the university community is fully confident on the success of this project. This in- house workshop is believed to add a value in the Structure plan and a free and active participation of the house will have invaluable importance for the success of this structural plan, Dr. Waqgari added.

On the workshop a presentation on twelve identified thematic areas related to the structural plan were presented and the participants discussed on the issues presented and forwarded basic elements to be incorporated in the structural plan of Assosa Town.

Source: Ethiopian Civil Service University