TPLF Propagandists Continue To Twist Words Spoken By Government For Their Fake News

(ENA) The TPLF terrorist group propagandists and their accomplices have continued twisting words spoken by government to enhance their usual fake news and agenda the Ethiopian Current Issue Fact Check indicated.

According to the Ethiopian Current Issue Fact Check, TPLF propagandists and their accomplices continue to twist words spoken by Federal and Regional leadership to fit their fake news and agenda they have been crafting for several months.

Considering the House of People’s Representative have declared TPLF a terrorist organization, all statements by Federal and Regional Government refer to the criminal enterprise that is TPLF and not the people of Tigray that comprise the Ethiopian social fabric, it stated.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


Delegates Propose New Programme of Action for Struggle against Threats to Cybersecurity, in First Committee Thematic Debate

Tackling cybersecurity threats that continue to destabilize Governments, infrastructure and regions requires a new programme of action and the collective will to implement it, delegates said today, as the First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) held a daylong thematic debate on several agenda items. Delegates shared concerns and suggestions about how best to address cybersecurity threats, […]

Tigray crisis: Ethiopian Government admits Mekelle airstrike

Ethiopia has admitted it was behind airstrikes in the capital of the conflict-riven Tigray region – hours after it denied it had carried out what rebels say were deadly raids. The state-run news agency said the attacks had targeted rebel’s communications and weapons facilities. But media controlled by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) said […]