TPLF Dream of Destabilizing Ethiopia, Seceding Tigray Illusion: Tigray Democratic Party

The dream of destabilizing Ethiopia and seceding Tigray from Ethiopia is delusional and reveals that TPLF is a hireling of the country’s archenemies, according to Tigray Democratic Party.

Tigray Democratic Party Political Affairs Deputy Head told ENA that the interview Spokesperson of the terrorist TPLF, Getachew Reda, made with the Egyptian government affiliated TEN TV on Wednesday reveals the illusion the terrorist group.

TPLF Spokesperson Getachew told TEN TV that TPLF is ready to collaborate with any  party that aspires to dismantle the Government in Ethiopia, recalling that his group had agreed with the other terrorist group Shene.

Speaking to ENA, Tigray Democratic Party Political Affairs Deputy Head Tesfay Alemayehu said the  TPLF spokesperson told TEN TV that his group’s objective is to disintegrate Ethiopia and create an independent state of Tigray.

This is an unacceptable and unachievable illusion, Tesfay added.

Moreover, TPLF’s intention to work with any entity that wants to dismantle Ethiopia implies that the group is a mercenary of Ethiopia’s foreign principal enemies, he noted.

“The TPLF junta group is a mercenary of our foreign principal enemies. We almost fought 32 international wars from 1828 to 1928. And we have achieve a lot. We maintained the survival and independence of Ethiopia. Since then, our principal enemies were looking for a group or a mercenary individual that can help them dismantle or disintegrate Ethiopia. Finally, they have found it. That is the TPLF junta. Therefore, it is not surprising for me that the terrorist mercenary junta is working towards this end.”

However, the deputy head added that TPLF’s dream of destabilizing and dismantling Ethiopia will not be achieved but remain an illusion.

“They do have this dream, but this dream to me is a kind of illusion, unachievable. Therefore, it is not surprising for me. You have already witnessed what they were doing when they were in power and when they went back to Mekele,” he stated.

Tesfay pointed out that the current collaboration of TPLF with Egypt to destabilize Ethiopia is because the group has to meet the mission it is assigned by Ethiopia’s archenemies.

“In the yester years, Getachew Reda was accusing Egypt of helping opposition groups. Why is he now collaborating with Egypt? Is it because of the social system, the reform that we are carrying out? Is it because of Getachew’s mission as a mercenary?”

According to the deputy head, the TPLF had never served the interest of the Ethiopian People in general and the Tigrayan people in particular when they were in power. So, the present  agenda of dismantling Ethiopia and seceding Tigray from Ethiopia is not the cause of the Tigray people.

He said “the Tigray people are not fools that obey and fulfill the agenda of Getachew or the junta’s strategy and objectives. But the Tigrayan people are now under harsh imprisonment, everything is imposed on them. They have no say, they can not express their opinion. When they start to speak out and oppose they are killed and tortured. So I don’t think the interest of the Tigrayan people is the cause of TPLF. It had never been.”

Tesfay underscored that the people of Tigray and his party, Tigray Democratic Party, have never and will never compromise the sovereignty, survival and independence of Ethiopia.

The deputy head urged the international community to help Ethiopia positively and work cooperatively or leave Ethiopians alone by not interfering in their domestic affairs as Ethiopia is a sovereign entity that can handle its domestic problems.

“If foreigners can’t help us positively or work cooperatively, they better leave us alone as they do have their own sovereign country. We are a sovereign country. We can do whatever suits to the people and to the country. One thing they have to underline is we have never been known for invading other countries and interfering in other countries domestic issues. So, thanks to our forefathers indomitable fighting spirit, we remain sovereign, maintained our independence and liberty; and we will act in the same way.”


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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