Tourists Admire Ethiopia’s Impressive Culture, Friendliness of People

Tourists who attended the ”Ashendiye” festival in Lalibela of Amhara Region have admired the impressive celebrations of Ethiopia and the friendliness of its people.

Speaking to ENA, the Austrian Norbert Demmelbaubr said he was very thrilled to visit Ethiopia and attend the annual ”Ashendiye” festival in Lasta.

He revealed that he has never seen such a colorful and impressive festival.

“It was a very great pleasure to celebrate the festival with the peaceful people in the northern Ethiopia town of Lalibela,” Dbmmelbaubr said.

While visiting Ethiopia, he has also been enjoying the suitable environment, beautiful cultures and dishes of the country, the Austrian tourist added.

Moreover, the friendliness of the people makes one feel part of the cultural festival of “Ashendiye” and comfortable.

“I would like to encourage all the people in the world to come to Ethiopia to visit the wonderful historical sites and beautiful cultural traditions of the country, the tourist stated.

His wife, Tina Dbmmelbaubr, on her part said the cultural festivity of “Ashendiye” is unique.

The cultural fair, along with the historical rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, is of immense importance for the development of tourism, she added.

The British tourist Paul Hood told ENA that “Ashendiye” is an impressive and colorful cultural event that girls and women are celebrating in an organized and beautiful manner.

Attending “Ashendiye” is a memorable momentum since it is a lovely cultural festival celebrated with the lovely people of Ethiopia.

Hence, coming to visit Ethiopia’s cultural traditions, historical places and heritages is definitely an amazing experience, Hood stressed.

“Ashendiye”/”Shadey”/ “Solel” festivity is a unique traditional festival which takes place in the northern part of Ethiopia in August every year.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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