Tigray Democratic Party Expresses Readiness for Implementation of Pretoria Peace Agreement

The Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) has expressed readiness to play its role in the implementation of the recently signed peace agreement between the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF in Pretoria, South Africa.

In its statement, TDP stated that the agreement is pivotal in ensuring lasting peace in Ethiopia and strengthening unity among Ethiopians.

Tigray Democratic Party Chairperson, Aregawi Berhe said that peace at this moment is critical for the development of Ethiopia.

The peace dividend for all Ethiopians is significant, he noted, assuring that his party will contribute its part for the successful implementation of the agreement.

Aregawi stated that the agreement will create conducive political environment to TDP and other non-violent political parties as well.

TDP Public Relations Head, Muluberhan Haile said on his part that the peace agreement showcased that Africans can solve their problems by themselves.

He also said that the peace agreement has given Ethiopians relief.

Members of the central committee of TDP emphasized that the agreement will serve as exemplary to peacefully resolve differences.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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