The Reform Paves the Way for Stable, Prosperous Ethiopia: Foreign Visitors

Addis Ababa The ongoing sweeping reform paved the way for stable and prosperous Ethiopia in the years to come, foreign visitors said.

Ethiopians across the country and abroad celebrated on Monday the eve 2011 Ethiopian New Year, Enkutatash with multi hued festivities.

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed,Chief Administrators of Regional States, senior government officials and top leaders of competitive political parties, who recently returned back home, were presided over the official celebration of the New Year at the Millennium Hall.

Moreover, foreign visitors were part of the splendid carnival of the New Year at the Millennium Hall on the top of residents of Addis Ababa.

Speaking to ENA, the visitors said that the prevalence peace and tranquility in Ethiopia attract them to part of the New Year celebrations.

Souhail Belhaj Sahal, a visitor from U.S., was one of the partakers at the carnival on the eve Ethiopian New Year with his Ethiopian wife thrilled with the celebrations in Addis Ababa.

The recent political changes and the ongoing comprehensive reform in Ethiopia caused a particular peace to ensue across the country, he said.

He noted that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's reformist mindset contributes a lot to the existing peace and stability in Ethiopia that would help investors to come around.

Hopefully we will invest the money in Ethiopia. The type of the investment that we think about my wife and I, is to actually help the country, Bell stated.

We are not just here to make money, he pointed out and adding we actually finding which one is fine solution to help Ethiopia in different fields.

It is time for Ethiopia to advance and develop and what I have seen so far is very exciting, he explained.

Recalling the Prime Minister Abiy visited to US Belhaj said It was nice move for him to reach out outside Ethiopian.

I believe he achieved his goal that why actually we are here with my wife. He did good thing. He targeted many locations in the states, as US is big. He delivered a good message, a message of love and peace that we want to hear, he added.

Matthew C. Andrea, a professional photographer working for Travel Photography Ethiopia Tourism Promotion, is another visitor from Washington D.C who joined the Ethiopian New Year celebration for more than 10 times.

Washington D.C has one of the largest populations of Ethiopia community outside of Ethiopia. Every year I participate on the celebration enkutetash in the city, he said.

This year because of changes in the country, because of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, because of new liberal freedom I want to be here in Addis to celebrate this New Year, he noted.

According to Mathew, the ongoing sweeping reform in Ethiopia, initiated by Premier Abiy paved a way for stable and steadfast growth in the country.

I wish peace, prosperity, the end of ethnic conflict, celebration of ethnic diversity and no fight in the country, he added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency