The Quadruple Conspiracies of US, Allies

The Quadruple Conspiracies of US, Allies

The quadruple alliance of the US, terrorist TPLF, Shene and the western media in plotting to destabilize and destroy Ethiopia has continued unabated. This US led conspiracy seems to shift from conventional conspiracy to gunboat diplomacy as an option. It is no secret that the US is preparing for a showdown with the legitimate government of Ethiopia refusing to learn from what has happened to the US in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Today, Ethiopia is not alone as the days of the Battle of Adwa and the Fascist aggression of 1935.

The US is combining her call for negotiations with the terrorist organization with a treacherous propaganda war trying to justify her possible total war in the Horn of Africa by throwing away 125 years of cordial and friendly relations with Ethiopia. The US has twice advised its citizens to pack and fly off from Addis Ababa fanning totally false information that the city is on the brink of total collapse.

In its attempts to wage a psychological war on Ethiopia, the US is trying to depict that Ethiopia has now turned into a living purgatory but is in reality a reign of terror and horror in the entire Horn of Africa wishing to ignite a regional war. The whole shuttle diplomacy it is conducting by its officials and through the AU is to reinstate an anti- people anti-Ethiopia fascist regime as it has done in Chile by enthroning General Pinochet by ousting the government of Salvador Allende in 1970.

In Argentina, President Isabel, a democratically elected president of Argentina was overthrown by General Jorge Rafael Videla in 1976. In Bolivia, Jose Torres was overthrown by General Hugo Bazer. Similar coup de tats were accomplished in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, Paraguay and Nicaragua. In Africa, a US sponsored coup was staged in Ghana against Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in 1966. The tragic assassination of Patrice Lumumba led to the accession to power by General Mobutu Sese Seko in 1961 and more recently the assassination of Thomas Sankara in 1987.

The above facts indicate how the US was toppling democratically elected governments only to replace them by outright military dictators. It indicates the extent to with the US has interfered into the internal affairs of countries from Vietnam to Afghanistan and now on the affairs of a democratically elected government under the pretext of humanitarian aid, human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

The US intervention into the internal affairs of Ethiopia is now being carried out has the same old strategy but with different tactics. It is important to have a glimpse of such tactics being employed on Ethiopia to understand the geo-strategic and geo-political covert and overt activities of US quest for dominance on the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa.

For at least 47 years, the US was closely working with terrorist TPLF with a blind eye and deaf ears it has maintained on the inhuman actives. The US never cared about the millions displaced in Amhara and Afar regions. The US has produced 5 warnings to its citizens and may also think of closing down the USAID. The US is cooperating with TPLF not so much because they have full trust in the terrorist organization but only because they want to have full dominance and maintain their neocolonial so called national interest.

The US has allowed terrorist TPLF leaders who have no interest in the future of the people of Tigray but own family and individual interests to push the people of Tigray back to Stone Age. Terrorist TPLF has no desire for the development of the people of Tigray. They suck the blood of the people of Tigray and the US is supporting this slavery to which the people of Tigray are subjected. Indeed terrorist TPLF has no solution for Tigray but to prepare a killer generation against the people of Tigray and Ethiopia. In Tigray the entire population is subjected to primitive slavery and the US is cooperating with slave owners.

The USAID is thinking of withdrawing from Ethiopia speculating that Ethiopia will be at loss without US aid. This is indeed a neo-colonial pressure on Ethiopia but Ethiopians will certainly fall out. This by the way is an insult on not only on Ethiopia but also on Africa. Africa is politically cooperating with Ethiopia. South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti are with Ethiopia. AU has declared that it is opposed to the assumption to power by force.

All Ethiopians should be prepared for a faceoff with the imperial power of the US which shows that it has no respect for the people of Ethiopia and their sovereign country. The entire US foreign policy objective of ascertaining US interest has already become incompatible with the interests of African countries who are attempting to mobilize their resources by integrating their human and material potentials for Africa’s sustainable development.

Moreover, the US is conspiring with terrorist TPLF to establish a transition government contrary to the interest of all Ethiopians here abroad as well as the interest of African countries. The western media including CNN, AP,  BBC and  Reuters has continued to beat up on the same tune of misinformation on Ethiopia with no regard to the elementary journalistic ethics. They have already joined hands in defaming the government of Ethiopia through their representatives in this country

TPLF is trying to totally destroy the history, economy, cultural values and norms of the people of Ethiopia through the support it expects to receive from the west headed by the US. In reality however, this terrorist group is destructing human civilization in this country but still expects to come to power by naked force. On the other hand, the US is trying to force the people of Ethiopia to choose between their national honor and dignity and the assistance they could receive from Washington.

In failing to properly perceive the social psychology of the people of Ethiopia and Africa, the US is gradually losing ground in Africa. Washington is still using old tactics to ensure its interests across the world almost triggering a war of global magnitude which could only result in the collapse of the hegemony it wishes to build around the world.

The US tries to use the same old tactics it has applied in overthrowing the Derge regime after more than four decades. However, the current realties in Ethiopia have proved that the people of Ethiopia would never allow any level of regime change in opposition to their strategic interest. Terrorist TPLF has no support in Ethiopia and the US is trying the impossible in attempting to impose a repressive on an independent country and co-founder of the UN and AU.

Ethiopia will certainly cruise through the current protracted conspiracy on the country and prove for all to see that the united people of this country would emerge victorious.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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