The official launch of SOPHOS AFRICA in the UK.

The Embassy hosted the official launch of SOPHOS AFRICA in the UK, a charity organization that endeavors to contribute to the development of a critical mass of transformed minds and lives to transform people and places in Africa.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Teferi Melesse noted that apart from the traditional government-to-government relationship, #UK NGOs serve as important tools for collaboration, adding that quite a large number of them are actively engaged in various activities in #Ethiopia. The Ambassador further said SOPHOS #Africa is one such organization looking to operate and make a difference in Ethiopia as well as Africa.

Emeritus Professor of Modern History, Professor David Killingray presented a brief account of the history of relations between Ethiopia and the UK.

Founder and Executive Director of SOPHOS AFRICA, Dr. Desta Heliso said ‘’SOPHOS is a Greek word for Wise,’’ adding that a critical mass of wise Africans can transform Africa.

The organization aims to address societal ills in Africa, including corruption and extremism among others.

Source: Ethiopian Emabassy UK