The Government of Ethiopia Remains Committed to Ensuring Durable Peace in the Country

The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic is working closely with the AU High Representative for the Horn of Africa supporting the ongoing peace efforts to end the conflict. Concurrently, it launched the National Dialogue Commission, an all-inclusive national platform established with a view to resolving political differences through civil deliberations. It is hoped that the process will enable actors to discuss major national issues openly and build national consensus across the nation.

However, the TPLF has constantly failed to reciprocate this positive gesture. TPLF’s passion for violence and its constant conscription drive do not portend a peaceful end to the conflict. It is beating the drums of war in its media outlets and forcefully recruiting children in contravention of international law. There are clear indications that third round of war is to be waged during the upcoming peak farming season, which will extremely affect agricultural activities and further exacerbate the humanitarian crisis across the Tigray Region, as well as adjacent areas of the Amhara and Afar Regions. The International Community needs to denounce and urge TPLF to stop its provocations and strengthen the humanitarian truce extended by the Government of Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian Embassy UK

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