The Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels Hosts a Professional Coffee Cupping Event

On 18 May 2021, the Embassy hosted an Ethiopian Coffee Cupping event in the presence of professional coffee connoisseurs.

The cupping event was organized in cooperation with a coffee trader of Ethiopian origin Mrs. Marta Somorowski, Mr. Vincent Ballot, and Mr. Eric Duchossoy – renown coffee roasters and tasters.

H.E. Ambassador Hirut Zemene, on her opening remarks, stated that the event is of the first of its type organized in the premises of the Embassy. It is aimed at promoting the different varieties of Ethiopian coffee to Belgian coffee roasters and creating contract-based market linkages between Ethiopian Exporters and Belgian market, which is one of the major destinations of Ethiopian Coffee. The Ambassador further highlighted the importance of coffee in the culture of Ethiopia in addition to its economic importance, being the major export item of the country.

The tasting program was led by a well-known coffee master Mr. Vincent Ballot, who has been titled as “Mellier Ouvrier de France Terréfacteur 2019” – (the best coffee roaster of 2019 in France) – and Mr. Eric Duchossoy, a professional coffee taster. Different coffee roasters from the three regions of Belgium attended the cupping event and tasted more than 23 types of Ethiopian coffee exhibited.


Source: Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels