Terrorist TPLF Destroying Infrastructure to Smuggle Weapons Through Air: Tigray Democratic Party

Addis Ababa,July 3/2021(ENA)The terrorist TPLF group is destroying infrastructure including bridges mainly to smuggle weapons through air by confusing the international community, PR Head for the Tigray Democratic Party (TDP), Mulubirhan Haile disclosed.
Mulubirhan told ENA that the terrorist group has been engaged in destructive activities with a view to creating chaos and dismantle the country.
The terrorist group has been engaged in destroying infrastructure for two reasons, he said. “The first one is to disrupt the humanitarian aid being provided by the government and people of Ethiopia so as to disseminate fake propaganda against the government claiming that it is working to starve you [people of Tigray]” in order to get the public’s support for its destructive agenda.
The other motive of this terrorist group is to convince the international community that air transport is the only way to provide humanitarian relief supplies to the region, he indicated.
According to him, his party has obtained evidence that the group needs the use of air transport for the humanitarian aid activities in the region in order for it to smuggle weapons to enhance its dreadful dream of destroying the nation.
According to him, currently the terrorist group is not capable of neither responding to the demands of the people nor administer the region. Knowing that the people would revolt, it is engaged in destroying infrastructures notably bridges in an attempt to gain cheap advantages, he added.
The group has been destroying several infrastructures built with the resources allocated by the federal and regional government including the Tekeze Bridge in Tigray region, as part of its plan.
Indicating that the terrorist group has engaged in propaganda to drag the people of Tigray in to war, Mulubirhan said the group has continued its destructive activities by disseminating fake information through its paid activists.
The terrorist group has also engaged in torturing Tigrayan youth who don’t support it for being members of the Prosperity party and other opposition parties that have been operating in the region.
Hence, he called up on the international community to exert utmost efforts to understand the reality in Tigray as the terrorist group has continued with its heinous acts to put the people of Tigray in to further suffering.
In order to attain its hidden plan, the terrorist group has been engaged in destroying roads and bridges to limit and disrupt the use of road transportation for humanitarian activities to the region.
It has also been campaigning this plan by using its paid collaborators such as Martin Plaut, Kjetil Tronvoll, Alex de Wall, William Davison, Rashid Abdu, Awol Allo and others.
It is to be recalled that TPLF and Shene have been designated as terrorist group by the House of Peoples Representatives three months ago.

Source: Ethiopia News agency


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