Talking about Unity of Africa Without Talking about Ethiopia is Impossible: Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2021

Talking about unity of Africa without talking about Ethiopia is impossible as Ethiopia is the heart of the unity of the continent, Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, Setor Abra Norgbe said.

Norgbe has arrived in Addis Ababa on Wednesday to partake in the celebration of Ethiopian Christmas and Epiphany.

Thousands living in the diaspora and Ethiopian friends have been arriving in Ethiopia  responding to the government’s call for a “great Ethiopian homecoming.”

Ghana’s most beautiful pageant who once represented Ethiopia, the land of origin in the ‘week of one Africa, is among one of Ethiopian friends who joined ‘great Ethiopian homecoming.’

Norgbe, who is also a medical Doctor, has won the first round of the country’s most beautiful pageant by promoting Ethiopian history, civilization and traditional costumes at the stage.

Upon her arrival at Bole International Airport yesterday, Norgbe told journalists talking about unity of Africa without talking about Ethiopia is impossible as Ethiopia is the heart of the unity of the continent.

“Ethiopia is the heart of the unity of Africa. So I just have to say, I love Ethiopia, Ethiopia is a very beautiful country with an amazing lovely people, amazing love. So, we should continue projecting that wouldn’t be suppressed. That is my message for Ethiopia,” she said.

She further explained that Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that has never been colonized in such ways set the pace for others and that is an amazing thing.

She also emphasized that “there’s no reason to be divided, there’s no reason to fight, there’s no reason for war and coming down from the airport, I have seen that very amazing people and stressed the need to keep proud of it.”

“We are one people from the south to the west where I come from Ghana, the west of Africa to the north and down here to the east of Africa. We are one people. So, yes I stand with Ethiopia and I am sure my African brothers to rally be behind me as I speak right now and my voice goes out as I stand behind Ethiopia, ” Norgbe added.

Dr. Norgbe is the founder and CEO of Voluntad Afrique, a youth initiative that aims to involve young people in social issues as well as cultivate their talents.

During her stay in Ethiopia, it is expected that she will visit various tourist attraction sites including Lalibela and Gonder.

Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2021 was concluded in grand style on October 3, 2021 with Norgbe from Volta Region finishing second place.

Norgbe has won a number of awards and recognition, it was learned.

Setor Abra Norgbe is a 28 year old medical doctor representing the Volta Region in Ghana, and the GMB pageant remains one of the outstanding beauty platforms in Ghana organized by TV3, the pageant educates the public on the various cultural values and heritage in all regions of the country.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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