South African, Gambian Scholars Say Transitional Justice Best Solution to Ethiopia

Addis Ababa March 18/2023 /ENA/ Scholars from South Africa and Gambia said that the transitional justice which their countries have passed through is best solutions for countries such as Ethiopia experiencing conflicts.

The scholars approached by ENA said that transitional justice has contributed to build a better future in countries gripped with conflicts.

The scholars believe that the way South Africa and the Gambia went through in the transitional justice process will give Ethiopia a better experience.

Ethiopia has been developing a transitional justice policy document which is expected to contribute to sustainable peace, through reconciliation, compensation and prosecution in the country, it was indicated.

Recall transitional justice has contributed to sustainable peace, reconciliation and justice in many countries’ endeavors to transition from conflict and authoritarian rule to kick start democratization process and post-conflict re-organization of political systems.

As many African countries have ample evidence of transitional justice practices, among which, South Africa and Gambia are mentioned in this regard.

The Head of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation at the University of Freetown in South Africa, Professor Tim Murithi praised Ethiopia for starting the process of transitional justice to solve its problems.

The professor, who has done extensive research on transitional justice in Africa, said that Ethiopia is a historical and symbolic country of Africa and hoped the transitional justice would solve the deep-rooted challenges.

In a society that has gone through many conflicts and oppression, transitional justice is instrumental in compensating the past deeds and pave the way for building better society in the future, the scholar pointed out.

“For building peace that has injured conflict, has had violation takes place, transitional justice is a way for societies to deal with the tensions they are experiencing and to surface the issues that took place in the past. So that the people of the society can work together in an inclusive way to find ways to heal the past violations and to also build new institutions as well as stronger communities and socially cohesive societies going forward “

Gambian scholar Dr. Baba Galleh Jallow said on his part that the importance of transitional justice, especially for countries like Ethiopia, is unquestionable.

Jallow who was also former Executive Secretary-General of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) of Gambia said Ethiopia has been making a great move to ensure transitional justice.

“A society cannot move forward without dealing with the past especially on human rights violations. Every society, Ethiopia and other countries that have gone through conflict and authoritarianism need to face the past…..and chart a course for the future. So it is very important that Ethiopia goes this process,” he pointed out.

Professor Tim Murithi also noted the transitional justice which South Africa implemented to resolve the pains of the apartheid.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency