South African Activist Calls on African Youths to Show Firm Solidarity to Ethiopia in Neocolonial Struggle

President of the Soweto Parliament and South African activist Nhlanhla Lux has urged the African youths to show unwavering solidarity to Ethiopia’s neo-colonial struggle.

The South African political activist is in Ethiopia to show his country’s solidarity to Ethiopians who are resisting the meddling of some Western powers in the affairs of the nation and to reinforce the NoMore Movement.

According to him, Africa has realized well that any external pressure on Ethiopia defies the sovereignty of the continent.

“We, the young people of Africa, are saying that we are living in a time where the young people of the continent have to wake up. We have to wake up and fight for African countries because if we all fight for the countries the pieces of the puzzle come together for the solid continent. We can’t fight in isolation. We have to fight together and start this in Ethiopia.”

The neo-colonial powers have been threatening Ethiopia because it is a symbol of freedom. However, the activist stressed that these same Western countries could be dangerous for the entire Africa.

The African youth, alongside their Ethiopian brothers and sisters, must come together and fight for free and strong Africa, Lux underscored.

“You need to challenge the problem and confront it head on,” the activist stated, adding that “Since Ethiopia is the only country in the continent that was not colonized, its being colonized now means the whole continent would be facing a second wave of colonialism. But young people like me am not going to allow this to happen.”

Appreciating the Ethiopian Diaspora and other African friends for globally exposing the ill-intended approach of the West against the integrity of Ethiopia, Lux noted that the movement has now to be transformed into practice.

The activist said that he came to Ethiopia to assess the situation that would enable the African youth to pragmatically put their legacy in this modern neo-colonial attempt beyond Ethiopia.

“The fact that I am here shows commitment. We have sent a message to the rest of Africa that  tweeting and putting things on Facebook as well as saying No More is not good enough. We need to come here and confront these people that are trying to overtake this country.”

Lux underlined that Africans, particularly the youth from North to South and East to West have to stand together to fight against all external forces.

“The message is loud and clear. Ethiopians as well as any other country under this problem must stand up and fight. If we have a problem in the entire continent, we’re going to start in Ethiopia.  Whatever the forces from the West that are coming to this country, they must know they are not only fighting Ethiopia rather the whole continent. The whole content is standing to Ethiopia and its leader Abiy.”

The activist further stated that young people in his country South Africa are already to stand together with  Ethiopia, even to the extent of  giving their precious lives.

“We are bringing the message from the south of this continent, South Africa, that we stand up and to fight and protect this country from internal and external forces.”


Source: Ethiopia News Agency