Some 35,000 Youth to Take Notational Unity Training: Ministry of Peace

Addis Ababa  Minister of Peace Muferiat Kemil says 35,000 youth will take training on solidifying national unity starting from tomorrow.

This was disclosed during training that the Ministry of Peace is providing to leaders of different standing committees of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) in the town of Bishoftu.

She added that the trainees, who are graduated from universities, will enter to 22 universities where they will take the training.

Muferiat stated that after concluding 45 days of training they will provide volunteer services for 10 months in various parts of the country.

The minister pointed out that due focus is given to working on the youth in order to realize the already started work on building lasting peace.

According to her, there was huge gap in bringing up reasonable and patriotic youth.

Muferiat urged the youth to fully understand Ethiopia’s natural and social essence and to join hands in nation building.

Preparations are underway to include the training materials into the national educational curriculum, it was learned.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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