Some 12 High Ranking TPLF Army Leaders Destroyed at Bati, Kemise Fronts

Government Communication Service disclosed on Wednesday that 12 high ranking leaders of the enemy army have been destroyed in a coordinated operation carried out by the Ethiopian security forces at Bati and Kemise fronts.

Minister of Government Communication Service, Legesse Tulu said in a statement tonight that 12 high ranking army and core leaders of the invader terrorist TPLF group have been killed by the Ethiopian security forces in a special coordinated operation.

The army leaders killed in the operation carried out over the past two days were individuals wanted  for treason, he added.

The enemy army in Bati and Kemise fronts has been facing a devastating defeat by the coordinated offensive attack carried out by the Government of Ethiopia, according to the minister, who added that the enemy forces are fleeing.

Legessed warned the army in disarray to surrender and told inhabitants to get organized and eliminate the terrorists that may try to cause destruction while fleeing.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency