ADDIS ABABA, Somalia will learn from Ethiopia's best experience in federalism in rebuilding the country although it is a homogenous country, says the Permanent Secretary of Somalia's Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation Ministry, Abdullahi Mohamud Hassan, who notes that Ethiopia has employed the federal system of government since 1995.

Pointing out that Somalia has people of one tribe and one religion and the problem is only one of different clans, he said here Wednesday that Somalia was rebuilding its government "and that is why we are here to get more benefits and experience-sharing from our neighbour, Ethiopia.

The Planning Adviser for Somalia's South West Regional State, Professor Mohamud Mohamad Isack, said: I think we can absorb a lot of experience from such presentations and may apply it in the future if we are successful in security issues of the country.

A Somali government delegation, led by Hassan is on a study visit to Ethiopian and Wednesday attended a presentation on federalism at Addis Ababa Univesity exclusively prepared for the delegation.

Professor Isack stated that Somalia had been recovering during the last 10 years, with the exception of difficulties faced in security matters.

Following his presentation to the delegation on federalism, Dr Assefa Fiseha, a lecturer at Addis Ababa University, said Somalia had a weak central government with a weak link among its regional states.

Being mono-lingual was not a problem to apply federalism, he said, adding that it is crucial to federalize power to unite the six regions of the country.


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