Somali security forces display Maday, a defector from Al-Shabaab terrorists

Security forces in Somalia's town of Huddur have on Thursday displayed to the media Sacid Mogaw Maday who defected from the Al-Shabab terrorist group after being a member for four years, SONNA media reported.

He operated in multiple parts of the country as the militants waged a deadly attack against government forces and its foreign partners.

He also confirmed that he took part in the recent attack against the ATMIS base in Bulo Marer town, on the 26th of May 2023.

Despite being a member of the group for the last four years, his stay in the militia was a nightmare. 'Fear of airstrikes is constant', he said.

Many of his former colleagues are willing to defect, but the situation is very cumbersome due to the fear of facing punishment by death.

'If they know your intention of leaving them you would face capital punishment,' Maday said.

There is a significant increase in of number defects from Al-Shabab, last week 10 defectors have been paraded by the Southwest authorities in Baidoa town, and security experts say the group is facing mounting pressure as the government steps up its campaign against them since August last year.

'Four years ago I joined a government-like group, and I left a small group hiding in the bush with an overwhelming fear of being targeted by drones' he added.

A government-led multinational offensive is on the horizon, which will root out the militants from the country.

Source: Somali National News Agency