Somali Regional Council Revokes Ex-regional Administrator’s Non-prosecution Right

Jigjiga In its extraordinary meeting it held, the regional council of Ethiopia Somali upheld the immunity from prosecution of the former regional administrator Abdi Mohammed Oumer and other members of the council.

Mustaf Mohammud Oumer, the former deputy regional administrator replaced Abdi Mohammed.

Council members whose Legal immunity was cancelled included

1/ Abdi Jemal Kelombi, regional attorney general and head of bureau of justice.

2/ Rahima Mohammed, women's' and children's affairs bureau head

3/ Ibrahim Mehad, education bureay head

4/ Deke Abdulahi, head, bureau of water resources

5/Ibrahim Mohammed Mubarak, Mayor of Jigigiga and

6/ Head of political affairs department of Ethiopia Somali Peoples Democratic Party.

Mohammed Rashid Essak, Spokesperson of the regional council said the non prosecution rights of the above mentioned council members was revoked based on solid legal evidence on their involvement in the recent riots and lawlessness that occurred in Jigjiga town and its environs and as a prerequisite to make them accountable before the court of law.

The council also appointed Mustaf Mohammed Oumer as a deputy regional administrator.

The newly appointed officials were presented to the council by SPDP and took oath of allegiance by the President of the regional Supreme Court, Abdulahi Ugaz Mohamed.

The council also revoked the nomenclature of 99 woredas and 22 town administrations which was recently approved and reinstated the structure of pervious woreda and town administration which was 93 woredas and six town administrations.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency