Senior Gov’t Officials Call on Scholars to Take Lion’s Share in Nation Building, Durable Peace

Ethiopian senior government officials have called on the elites of the country to take a lion’s share in nation building endeavors and achieving a durable peace.

The national consultative forum under the theme “Role of Scholars in Nation Building” has been underway in various universities of the country.

Dozens of papers on political, economic and security spheres have been presented and discussed at the forums, it was indicated.

In his speech delivered to Haramaya University scholars, Minister of Industry Melaku Alebel said that scholars are expected to play their leading role in order to achieve lasting peace in Ethiopia through discussion.

The minister said his government believes that scholars have a decisive role in solving the country’s deep-rooted problems noting that the consultation forums will be intensified.

Since political polarization and extreme thoughts have become a pressing issue at the national level, Melaku stated that scholars are highly anticipated to figure out the problems and suggest solutions in their rigorous researches.

Accordingly, the minister pointed out a common understanding has been reached with the scholars in order to create awareness for the citizens to be part of the solution.

Minister of Tourism, Ambassador Nasise Chali said on her part intellectuals should use their knowledge and wisdom to solve the problems of the society and perform a task that will be remembered in the history of the nation.

The minister, who attended the consultation forum held at Hawassa University, said Ethiopia has been registering many achievements since it embarked on the far-reaching reform despite difficulties.

In addition to having discussion among the political leadership, it is necessary to ensure the participation of all parties for betterment of the country’s future, Nasise noted.

She further urged the intellectuals of the country to exploit their knowledge and wisdom of academics in order to create a solution to the problems by awakening and changing the society.

The minister stressed that the forum being underway is vital to make use of the scholars’ capacity to addressing the wide-ranging problems such as the deterioration of moral.

Zadig Abraha, Democracy Building Center Coordinator Cluster Head at the Office of the Prime Minister, said the intellectuals of the country have to play their part for a strong nation building ambition, diplomacy and economic prosperity.

In order for the building of the nation to stand on a strong foundation, he urged scholars to continue the ongoing efforts in terms of development and diplomacy.

Speaking at the consultation forum of scholars organized by Jinka University, Zadig noted that encouraging results have been registered in the economic, social and political sectors following the reform.

Noting that Ethiopia has faced many challenges due to natural and man-made problems in the last three years, the head said especially the security problems in different parts of the country have become a pressing issue.

He particularly mentioned the unprecedented external pressures in connection with the war in the north part of Ethiopia and due to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) being built on the Abbay River.

International media warfare against Ethiopia has also been another difficulty to the country in recent days, according to Zadig.

However, the Ethiopian government and people in strong cooperation have thwarted the looming threats, he underscored.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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