Self-evaluation of Haramaya University for further improvement

Harmaya University held its 39th Annual Research, Extension and Community Engagement Review Workshop from June 2-4, 2022 at Afran kallo hall with the theme “Enhancing the Alignment of Research and community Engagement Programs at Haramaya University to Address Grand Societal Challenges”,

Professor Imana Getu, vice chairman of the Haramaya University board of trustees, higher University officials, agricultural professionals, stakeholders, concerned invited guests from federal and Oromiya regional government offices, researchers from other Universities, religious leaders, Aba Geda, local farmers, and the University’s staffs attended the Workshop.

During the first day of the workshop, the participants were briefed on the University’s extension and community engagement activities done so far in this fiscal year, and discussions were held with the workshop participants about the presented one-year Community Engagement activities, as it is believed to be very important to improve weaknesses and maintain well-done experiences.

Concerning the activities the university does to the community, Dr. Yishak Yusuf, Vice President for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development Affairs at Haramaya University and a delegate for the President, said the university is focusing on six issues: improving educational quality, improving agricultural production, providing free legal services, conserving natural resources, expanding health coverage, and infrastructure. Dr. Yishak went on to say that, for the past nine months, the university has been assisting people affected by natural and man-made disasters in Wollo, Afar, Somalia, and East Hararge. However, because the problem persists, additional assistance is needed to benefit the community, according to Dr. Yishak. Dr. Yishak also stated that the workshop’s major goal is to obtain an input from the stakeholders.

Mr. Fayisa Hundesa, a lecturer at Haramaya University and Coordinator of the Research Extension Team, in his part, said the University is working to extend its research activities to the beneficiaries. For example, Haramaya University has increased its seed distribution amount for the farmers. For instance, it has been possible to disseminate 700 quintals Bubu Potato verity and more than 1,500 quintals of wheat varieties released by the University. Totally, more than 2,500 quintals of crops and other quality seeds have been distributed to 18,000 households, according to Mr. Fayisa.

It was also noted at the workshop that, in the 2013-2014 EC yield years, agriculture technologies were and are being built to produce in a way that helps farmers to cope with climate change, and that nine new varieties of seeds will be distributed to farmers in the near future.

At the end of the presentation, questions were raised and comments were given by the participants and got answers and clarifications by the concerned bodies.

Finally, the first session of the workshop was goes parallel with the exhibition opened by Professor Imana Getu the vice chairman of Haramaya University board and Dr. Yishak Yusuf, the Haramaya University Vice President for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development affairs and delegate for the President that shows the works done by the University’s researchers.

Source: HARAMAYA University

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