Second National Risk Assessment Study Completed

Ministry of Peace announced that it has completed the Second National Risk Assessment study which extensively assessed the scope of money laundering, terrorism financing, and environmental crimes in Ethiopia.


The Second National Risk Assessment Study that was conducted for the past year and a half in partnership with the World Bank has also forwarded recommendations.


The study is the largest one of its kind so far and was developed in line with international standards, Ministry of Peace said.


Moreover, the study has created the future capacity to conduct complex studies at the Ethiopian level.


The findings of the study are expected to help assess Ethiopia’s vulnerability to crime in the international financial system and make the necessary adjustments.


Speaking at the launching ceremony, Minister of Peace, Mufefrihat Kamil  underscored that armed forces that are hell-bent to cause destruction in the country are equally wreaking havoc by causing inflation, causing economic distortion and exacerbating the foreign exchange crisis.


The study report is crucial as it provides vital information to the development of policies and put in place systems with a view to preventing and controlling crimes in the country, she added.


The study which thoroughly looked into money laundering, financing terrorism, and environmental crimes, will continue to implement measures to help prevent and control these crimes and bridge legal and regulatory gaps.


Finally, Ministry of Peace has given recognition to those who made significant contributions during the study.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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