Science Museum will Bring Many Benefits to Ethiopia, Exemplary Work in Africa: Chief Administrators

The science museum will bring many benefits to the country and can be a model to Africa, according to regional chief administrators.

The regional chief administrators who came to attend of second joint session of the House of Peoples’ Representatives and the House of Federation visited the recently inaugurated Science Museum in the capital.

They said the Science Museum will create a favorable environment for the present generation to realize prosperous Ethiopia that will be built with their efforts.

Chief Administrator of Oromia Regional State Shimelis Abdisa said that the science museum is manifestation that Ethiopia can achieve remarkable development works despite the challenges.

Research works provided by the museum will play a significant role in building a better Ethiopia and achieving technology-supported development, the chief administrator said.

“The science museum is an amazing job. It’s work done with high quality in a short time. This work is done at a time when Ethiopia is facing many challenges. There is nothing more proud than to see a great thing that can depict Ethiopia in the world— (a job) done in a short period of time,” he said.

Southern Nations, Nationalities, Peoples Region(SNNPR) Chief Administrator Ristu Yerdaw on his part said the completion of the museum in a short period of time and its opening for public is proof that the current generation is making history.

He added that the museum is an exemplary for Africa and a permanent heritage that can take Ethiopia into a higher level.

“It is a big foundation that the generation is making history. We are happy to see such a great story (achievement) made in Ethiopia. Because this kind of science museum is not available in many countries and we were in countries that did not even get a chance to see it. Today, we have built the largest museum in Africa. It is a heritage that has made Ethiopia stand high in history,” he added.

Somali Regional State Chief Administrator Mustafe Mohamed pointed out that the importance of the museum will change Ethiopia’s history of backwardness and help realize a technology-assisted economy.

He said that the technological results being carried out by the museum will change the life of the society and can generate knowledge and money.

“A lot has been done to come out of poverty (and ensure) security. But in this century, it is impossible to grow and change without science and technology—to get out of backwardness. The works that we saw today in the science museum are works that have changed the lives of our people to a large extent, generate money and knowledge and are exemplary works for Africa,” he said.

South West Ethiopia Regional State, Chief Administrator Negash Wagesho said that it is a matter of pride that other amazing creative works are being done at the museum, including battlefield robots that can be a potential for Ethiopia.

He also said that if the technology sector is well managed, it is possible to modernize Ethiopia’s security, agriculture and other sectors by improving the economic system.

“What we have seen here is up to the battlefield robot. What we have seen are lots of potential creativity for the country. There is potential if we manage and invest in the sector properly. This ability has actually reached to the ground, increases productivity and supports the entire economic system of our country. I see it as a resource that could potentially be used in business processes, traffic flow, agricultural productivity, weather analysis, intelligence and other security operations,” he said.

The chief administrators confirmed that the innovations will support young people and researchers to get hands-on experience and involve in various innovative works being done at the museum.

It was indicated that the museum contributes greatly to the development of the country by developing creative skills and producing capable generation that is equipped in technology.

They also mentioned that the information analyzed by the museum will serve as a bridge to help Ethiopia’s agricultural, security, legal, educational and other development activities in the transition to technology.

The officials appreciated Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s initiative for his innovative ideas and make Ethiopia competitive in science and technology.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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