Reppie Plant Manifestation to Ethiopia’s Green Dev’t Strategy: President Mulatu

Addis Ababa Reppie Waste-to-Energy Power project would be a showcase to Ethiopia's green energy development strategy, President Mulatu Teshome said.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, President Mulatu said Reppie Waste-to-Energy Power project is an ideal and environmentally friendship project for other African countries.

According to the president, the country has been striving on the energy sector to establish an eco-friendly and sustainable economy aims to bring the country to middle-income level by 2025.

This large waste-to-energy power plant taking shape on the outskirts of the capital Addis Ababa, symbolizes ambitions to convert urban waste into an eco-friendly industrial powerhouse, he stated.

The newly inaugurated Reppie project has European emissions standards and will incinerate the city's rubbish to generate 185 Giga Watts Hour (GWh) of electricity, it was indicated.

Reppie power plant is just one important feature of Ethiopia's climate resilient green economy (CRGE) strategy, which aims for the nation to become middle-income by 2025 while limiting its carbon footprint to less than 2010 levels by 2030, Mulatu revealed.

The waste-to-energy power project, which is the first of its kind in Africa, would play a vital role towards cleanliness and beauty of Addis Ababa as it utilized dry waste in the city to generate power, the president said.

Stating on the country's current growing power stipulation, the president said the government of Ethiopia will extend its effort to expand the coverage of the power supply across the country.

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Tan Jian said on the occasion that Ethiopia has been champion of sustainable on many fronts including climate change, green economy, wind and solar power and hydro-power.

We appreciate and applaud Ethiopia's polices in this regard, he said.

China National Electric Engineering Co. (CNEEC) engaged as a consultant Reppie Waste-to-Energy Power project, ambassador said more companies will come to Ethiopia and Africa for win-win cooperation.

We see our cooperation with Ethiopia as South-South cooperation, he added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency