Religious Leaders Call for Strengthening of Social Values

Addis Ababa Leaders and representatives of various religious institutions in Addis Ababa have called for the strengthening of social values in order to bring peace and unity.

A consultative forum was held in the capital city today.

Speaking on the occasion, External Relations Head of Addis Ababa Orthodox Church Diocese Abune Aregawi said Ethiopians have social values and religion that helps them prevent conflicts.

He stressed that though human beings are dynamic in their nature, destructive actions should be prevented by constructive social values, eliminating tribal, ethnic and regional hatred.

Anarchy is not freedom for me but craziness. Freedom entails law and order, he added.

Abune Aregawi pointed out that the initiative of the government for the exiled is a showcase of love that could strengthen peace and unity in the country.

Addis Ababa Islamic Affairs Supreme Council President, Sheikh Mohamed Sharif said love, peace and voluntarism should not be seasonal, it must be sustained.

He added that Muslim need to share what they have in this coming Ethiopian New Year.

Addis Ababa Catholic Church Representative, Aba Abera Gebremariam said we need to cherish love and peace above all. We shall therefore preach for these in the Ethiopian New Year.

Aba Abera stated that the faithful need to eliminate hatred and extend their hands to people in need.

Representative of Addis Ababa Evangelical Church, Pastor Abera Tesfaye said love is crucial to all human beings. Everyone wants to be loved, but loving and respecting others are prerequisites for love.

He noted that social values, including love, cooperation and respect are the bases for peace and unity.

We have to facilitate development of our country by upholding our religious personality, Pastor Abera added.

Over 55 religious leaders and representatives took part in the consultative forum organized by Addis Ababa Inter-religious Council.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency