Reconciliation Commission, Ministry Agree to Work in Collaboration for Peace

Addis Ababa,  Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation Commission have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that enables them to work jointly today.

The MoU was signed between Peace State Minister Almaz Mekonnen and Reconciliation Commission Chairperson Cardinal Berhaneyesus.

The memorandum enables the two sides to work together in capacity building, exchange of information, experience sharing as well as identifying causes of conflicts and recommending solutions, it was learned.

The agreement is aimed at accomplishing common visions and goals of the institutions through integrated approach to save time, resource, and labor.

Noting that the commission has been working on important activities with regard to reconciliation and peace, Reconciliation Commission Chairperson Cardinal Berhaneyesus said the memorandum would enables the commission to perform activities that brings about sustainable peace, cooperation and unity.

Peace State Minister Almaz Mekonnen on her part expressed hope that the collaborative and joint efforts of the institutions would result in enduring peace.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency