Re-elected Oromia President Pledges Transform Region to New Chapter

Addis Ababa -The re-elected President of the Oromia regional state, Shimelis Abdissa has pledged to exert all efforts in order to help transform the people of the region to a new chapter by sustaining the reform being carried out at the national level.

The Regional Council of Oromia (Caffee) today re-elected Shimelis Abdisa as Oromia regional president.

In his inaugural speech he delivered to the council, Shimelis said remarkable political and economic achievements have been registered during last years.

“We have been able to renew history by holding an election that embarrassed and discouraged the internal and external enemies of the country that have been attempting to disintegrate the country,” he added.

Commending the people and pertinent bodies for their contribution in holding successful election, he stated, “Making the utmost efforts to end the heinous acts of terrorists TPLF and shene  is our first priority to ensure peace in the region and the whole country,” Shimelis said.

He has also pledged to work hard in a bid to curb the existing social and economic challenges of the region.

According to him, the regional government will give a great deal of attention for the development of agriculture through technological advancement and enhancing mechanization.

Tackling the cost of living, accelerating education and health services as well as enhancing road and urban sector development and ensuring efficient service delivery will be the top priorities in coming years, he added.

Special attention will also be given to further instilling brotherhood among the whole of people of Ethiopia particularly in with neighboring regional states to promote shared development with the spirit of cooperation and harmony.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia conducted the 6th general election on June 21 in which close to 40 million voters had participated.

The ruling Prosperity Party registered landslide victory in the election.

Currently, regional states that form the federal governments have been forming their respective governments as per the election results.

The federal government is expected to be formed on coming October 4.



Source: Ethiopia News Agency