Prosperity Party Youth League Holding its First Congress

Prosperity Party Youth League has been holding its first congress in Adama town under the theme “Youth That Strives for the prosperity of Ethiopia and Africa”.

The congress is being held in the presence of Vice President of Prosperity Party, Adem Farah, and Democracy Building Center Coordinator Minister, Alemu Simie.

Prosperity Party Vice President, Adem Farah during the occasion stressed the need to ensure the participation and benefits of the youth by building a nation that accommodates the interests of all Ethiopians.

An organized and stable political participation of the youth will sustainably ensure the benefits of the youth, he added.

In this regard, he pointed out the league will strengthen its activities being carried out to safeguard the political, social and economic benefits of the youth.

He noted that the contribution of the league is significant for the encouraging achievements registered by the Prosperity Party over the past four years.

The league has particularly carried out extensive works in safeguarding the national sovereignty of the country, green legacy campaign, image building efforts and diplomacy among other areas, Adem added.

The Prosperity Party Youth League congress is expected to deliberate on the performances of the league and put directions for future actions.

It will also elect executive and central committee members including the president and vice president of the league that will serve for the coming two years.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency