President of IFRC, IRC Pledges to Support Emergency Health Needs in Ethiopia

The President of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and Italian Red Cross (IRC), Francesco Rocca has pledged to continue supporting emergency health needs in Ethiopia.

The president made the remark during his discussion with Ethiopian Ambassador to Italy Demitu Hambisa, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the occasion, ambassador Demitu briefed the President about current situations in Ethiopia, especially the destruction of hospitals and health centres by the orchestrated attack of the TPLF which left the health system in a dire condition.

Appreciating the consistent assistance of IFRC and IRC, Ambassador Demitu requested the president to increase the support in the areas of emergency medicines, kits, medical equipment and related items.

The President, on his side, said that he is closely following the recent development in Ethiopia and pledged to continue supporting emergency health needs in Ethiopia.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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