President Mulatu Bids Farewell to the Outgoing Motswana Ambassador

Addis Ababa President Mulatu Teshome bade farewell to the outgoing Botswana Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ms Mmamosadinyana Josephine Molefe, whose term of service has come to an end.

During the occasion, President Mulatu and Ambassador Molefe have discussed on issues of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Ambassador Molefe said she has attempted to foster good relations based on mutual benefits between her country and Ethiopia during her tour of duty in the country.

According to the Ambassador, the two countries have increased their cooperation in areas of leather industry and mining sector.

President Mulatu appreciated the efforts made by the ambassador in up scaling the diplomatic ties between Ethiopia and Botswana by facilitating to the fruition of different economic agreements, which have been signed between the two countries.

Botswana signed agreements with Ethiopia on areas of culture and tourism, air transport and other economic areas, but their implementation has lagged behind due to various reasons, he noted.

The outgoing Ambassador promised the president that the newly accredited Ambassador will work to realize the agreements, which have been signed between the two countries.

Ambassador Molefe has served for 7 years as Ambassador of Botswana to Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency