President Calls on Youth to Overcome Difficulties, Work Hard for Growth at AAU Graduation

The new generation should overcome the current challenges and bring economic growth and change to Ethiopia, President Sahlework Zewde said today.


She made the above remark at a graduation ceremony where Addis Ababa University (AAU) graduated more than 6,160 students at PhD, graduate and first degree levels.


The president, who noted that Ethiopia needs well-educated and skilled workforce to make the transformation a success, added that the graduates have a significant role to play in realizing the country’s ambition.


She also lauded the Addis Ababa University for successfully completing its teaching and learning process during this difficult time.


Appreciating the effort the university has been exerting to improve its capacity in research, Sahlework underlined the need for more attention in ensuring the quality of education.


The president urged the youths to support victims, rebuild the ruined, and strengthen peace and development.


She also stressed the a need to be a hope and solution to national issues rather than observers.


Addis Ababa University President, Tasew Woldehana said on his part the university has been discharging its responsibilities by producing professional work force which helps to ensure the growth and development vision of the country.

He called on the graduates to apply the knowledge they have acquired during their studies to the development and prosperity of Ethiopia.


Today’s graduates are the 72nd round batch since the establishment of the university decades ago.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency