Premier Inaugurates Integrated Agro-Industrial Park

Bulbula Integrated Agro-Industrial Park, which costed close to 9 billion Birr and rests on 271 hectares, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today.

The prime minister said on the occasion that the integrated agro-industrial park will play huge role in transforming the lives of farmers and creating job opportunities.

The “inauguration of Bulbula Integrated Agro-Industrial Park is a demonstration of our vision for prosperity, the agriculture sector, farmers, and consumers,” Abiy stated.

Noting that the park will help the country to speed up its economic transformation, he said transforming the agricultural sector is important in transforming the economy of the country.

According to him, improving the productivity of farmers and pastoralists by integrating them with such integrated agro-industrial parks is critical.

Trade and Industry Minister Melaku Alebel said on his part the park would benefit the farmers in the surrounding areas.

Farmers can provide their products to agro-processing firms in the integrated agro-industrial park (IAIP), he added.

The minister further stated that the strategically located park close to the Modjo dry port, Addis Ababa, and Modjo-Hawassa highway will benefit farmers.

He recalled that two IAIPs, Yirgalem and Bure, were also inaugurated in 2021.

Fully equipped with infrastructure, Bulbula Integrated Agro-Industrial Park is expected to process fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry, coffee and cereals, among others.

Today’s inauguration ceremony of Bulbula Integrated Agro-Industrial Park was attended by Oromia Regional State Chief Administrator, Shimeles Abdissa and other federal and state government officials.

Source: Ethiopia News agency