Politically Motivated Hoax News

For more than a ten months now, some media companies in the west have come to the assistance of terrorist TPLF in conducting total misinformation and distortion of facts on the ground pertaining to the situation in Tigray and the rest of Ethiopia in alliance with terrorist TPLF propaganda machinery and with full coordination with terrorist TPLF lobbyists and key persons in a number of international organizations.

The propaganda war on Ethiopia by some western media outlets is conducted through various strategies including hurdling false accusations on the government on blocking the smooth transfer of food aid to the needy population in Tigray without disclosing the fact that terrorist TPLF has actually blocked the transfer of food by creating a war zone in Afar Region killing children and their mothers and destroying schools and clinics.

On the 20th of September 2021, VOA falsely reported that “Since November, witnesses have said Ethiopian forces and those from neighboring Eritrea looted food sources and destroyed health centers.”

The truth is terrorist TPLF destroyed thousands of schools and medical supply centers in Tigray and have visibly turned all into military barracks and training centers for its terrorist forces. The Ethiopian Defense Forces and forces from Eritrea do not have any reason for looting as the army had its own logistics and supply unites. VOA is well known for using speculative assertions as verified news with no care for standard authentic news items.

The Associated Press wired a report on September 20, 2021 stating that Ethiopia blocking food aid to Tigray.

“For months, the United Nations has warned of famine in this embattled corner of northern Ethiopia, calling it the world’s worst hunger crisis in a decade. Now internal documents and witness accounts reveal the first starvation deaths since Ethiopia’s government in June imposed what the U.N. calls “a de facto humanitarian aid blockade.”

“Forced starvation is the latest chapter in a conflict where ethnic Tigrayans have been massacred, gang-raped and expelled. Months after crops were burned and communities stripped bare, a new kind of death has set in.”

This piece of news is not adequately sourced and indicates no evidence of massacre, gang rape and burning of crops all of which were conducted by terrorist TPLF forces. AP knows that ENDF has been helping farmers in Tigray at harvest times and played a decisive role in combating swarms of locust that plagued the region. This sensational and erroneous news mentions no culprit to such actions. Prior to the unilateral ceasefire, the Ministry of Agriculture provided tools and selected seeds for farmers so that they can till their lands in peace.

The military expansion of the group by itself is evidence to prove the fact that TPLF is using starvation as a weapon of war in an attempt to blame the government and mount pressure on it.

On the 16th of September 2021BBC reported that “The UN has expressed concern, saying that hundreds of trucks carrying aid to the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray have gone missing. Its humanitarian team in the country says none of the 149 trucks in a convoy that went into the Tigrayan capital of Mekele last week has returned.”

It adds that since 12 July, only 38 out of 466 trucks that have entered Tigray have returned.

The truth is far from this and the UN has never reported that the vehicles were “missing” as wrongly reported by the BBC. The actual UN twitter message notes say the trucks are missing but otherwise. The twitter message notes that “none of the 145 trucks in the convoy that reached Mekele Ethiopia last week returned. Only 38 out of 466 trucks that entered Tigray since 12th July returned. We need trucks to deliver lifesaving assistance to people in Tigray. According to the UN therefore, the trucks were not “missing” but have arrived in Mekele but not yet returned.

Getachew Reda, the spokesperson of terrorist TPLF, has denied responsibility over the matter. He says that the drivers of the UN-commissioned trucks have been complaining “about fuel availability, security concerns, harassment at checkpoints, being stranded at Afar for months, etc”.

“It has nothing to do with the government of Tigray,” he twitted.

On the other hand, video footages that have come out recently clearly show that vehicles with WFP labels were seen transporting terrorist TPLF militia to the fronts, a fact that BBC fails to report.

CNN’s Nima Elbaggir a Sudanese by birth recently came up with totally false and toxic reporting in in which she falsely and with no reliable verification twitted that “in our latest investigation, we witnessed mutilated bodies washed up on the shores of the Setit River. Our findings point to a campaign of torture, terror and mass incarceration in Humera, Tigray bearing all the hallmarks of genocide as defined by the UN.” The facts reveal otherwise.

The Economic Times from April 7, 2021 under the title ‘Leave no Tigrayan’: In Ethiopia, an ethnicity is erased reports

   “For the first time, they also bring proof of an official attempt at what is being called ethnic cleansing in the form of a new identity card that eliminates all traces of Tigray, as confirmed to The Associated Press by nine refugees from different communities. Written in a language not their own, issued by authorities from another ethnic group, the cards are seen as the latest evidence of a drive by Ethiopia and its allies to destroy the Tigrayan people.”

This news item never says a word about the ethnic profiled massacre of innocent people from different parts of Ethiopia who were subjected to the real and exact ethnic cleansing conducted by youth terrorist TPLF forces in Humera.

Some of the western news agencies base their sources if any on telephone conversations that are not basically reliable. They take individual cases in the remote part of Tigray and generalize it to the entire situation in the region. Besides, they rarely base their news on authentic government sources but prefer to get information from false sources mostly from terrorist TPLF sources.

Any reader of a news item on the current situation in Ethiopia and Tigray can easily identify lack of balance, concealed support and advocacy only to a single ethnic group and trying to depict that the doomsday has arrive for Ethiopia.

TPLF is still diverting humanitarian aid and logistics to support Tigrayan fighters, instead of prioritizing non-combatant Tigrayan civilians who are starving. According the UN, only 38 out of 466 aid trucks that entered Tigray have returned.Though the humanitarian aid trucks were already provided with enough fuel for a round trip, TPLF’s refusal to return the trucks indicates the fact that it is misusing the aid trucks to transport its own militants for its destructive activities by dragging millions in Tigray to starvation.

And many have also been started to ask why the TPLF refused the government’s unilateral ceasefire declared in June and expanded its war into Amhara and Afar regions killing civilians and displacing hundreds of thousands.

However, the major media outlets in the west didn’t dare to report these atrocities, instead propagate the false and baseless allegation of TPLF against the government of Ethiopia.

For instance, no western media company has reported on the recent massacre at Kobo, Alamata, Debre Tabor, Chena, Gashena, Galicoma in Affar and in almost all districts in Northern and South Wollo.

The media companies are mostly preparing their news not independently but based on a political clout of supporting a terrorist organization that is currently engaged in ethnic and total destruction of public and private properties and services in Amhara and Afar.

Some Media outlets in the western countries are out to serve the political interests of their respective countries and governments and try to use normal newscast as a tool for exerting unfounded pressure on less developed countries more particularly in Africa.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency