PM Abiy’s Call Inspires Africans to Struggle for Sovereignty, Freedom

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s call made to all Ethiopians and black people will inspire all Africans to enhance their struggle for sovereignty and freedom, the Spokesperson of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ambassador Dina Mufti said.

Prime Minister Abiy has called on all black people to stand with Ethiopia with the spirit of Pan Africanism for the sake of the dignity and sovereignty of the black people by vowing to lead the war from the battlefront as of today.

He also said that the war waged against Ethiopia is part of the campaign being carried out to deny black people an exemplary of freedom and triumphant.

Hence, this struggle is the struggle of all black people as it is a conspiracy to humiliate all black people and impose the new form of colonialism by kneeling down Ethiopia, the premier underlined.

In an exclusive interview with ENA Spokesperson of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dina said the PM’s call will inspire all Africans to enhance their struggle for sovereignty and freedom.

The Ambassador noted that Ethiopia is a nation that struggled for the freedom of Africa and has been symbol for the freedom of Black people across the world.

The call made by PM Abiy has continental aspect that could be expanded across the globe, he added.

According to Dina, several African countries including citizens of nations such Eritrea, Somalia and other friendly countries have been strongly supporting Ethiopia to prevent the undue foreign pressures.

PM Abiy said in his statement on Monday that the current coordinated attack against Ethiopia is a deliberate attempt to undermine black people so that “we will not have our own history, culture, identity and dignity.”


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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