PM Abiy Stresses Need to Find Ways to Exploit Existing Opportunities

Addis Ababa  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed underscored the need to find ways to exploit the potential opportunities that Ethiopia is endowed with.

“To see potential and find hope is an act of courage. Around us are many such opportunities. The natural gems that make up our lands and plentiful. Awash National Park is one of them,” the premier wrote on Face-book today.

It is to be recalled that the nation has been developing various tourism destination projects by just exploiting the available potential.

The Unity, Sheger, and Entoto parks are among these projects developed in the capital.

Koisha, Gorgora, and Wonchi tourism destinations located in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’, Amhara, and Oromia Regional states respectively are also ongoing projects initiated by the premier with similar objectives.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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