PM Abiy Says National Reconciliation Foils Conspiracies of Terrorists TPLF, Shene, Historical Enemies

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stressed the need for national reconciliation with a view to curtailing the challenges facing the country, including the one year long conflict erupted following the terrorist TPLF’s attack on the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), Northern Command, in Tigray.

The Premier made the remark in his best wish message he conveyed in connection with Ethiopian Christmas which will be celebrated tomorrow among the Ethiopian Christians across the nation.

Abiy said  that Ethiopia in its history had experienced conflicts due to the deception and agitations of servants of the devil, adding that “following the conflicts attempts were also made in a bid to disconnect our longstanding values that connect us together; however, it  was not able to cut off them at all.”

Ethiopian’s social values will be restored and healed through forgiveness; and they should be maintained by reconciliation, the premiers further stated. “This is the process that will help  us to continue  as a nation,”  he added.

The PM  further said “at this time we need to have national reconciliation in order to overcome the daunting challenges facing the country.

It is believed that the reconciliation would make Ethiopia advantageous as it “helps us ensure our unity,” Prime Minister Abiy underlined.

The Premier stated that the national reconciliation will thwart the evil conspiracies of the terrorists TPLF and Shene as well as the ill wishes of Ethiopia’s historical enemies.

Abiy extended his best Christmas wishes to Ethiopians, urging all to work hard  in order to bring a bright nation that is strong and invincible.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency