PM Abiy Launches 3rd National Competition of Innovation

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has today officially launched the 3rd National Competition of Innovation in Addis Ababa.

The competition organized by the Ministry of Labor and Skills will be held for the coming five days under the theme “Skill for Competitiveness”

Innovation workshops, panel discussions, and other related programs will be underway as part of the competition.

During the opening ceremony of the competition, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged innovators to exert efforts and play their part for the development of Ethiopia by effectively withstanding challenges they might encounter in the course of their effort.

He said the competition program will play crucial role for young Ethiopians with skills and talents to demonstrate their capabilities and create market linkages.

The premier further stressed the need to strengthen innovative skills as Ethiopia has no shortages of inputs urging innovators to use challenges as a springboard for their effective works.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency