PM Abiy Inaugurates Dire Dawa Industrial Park

Addis Ababa  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Sunday inaugurated the Dire Dawa Industrial Park built with a total outlay of 150 USD.

The Dire Dawa Industrial Park is expected to facilitate 20,000 additional jobs for citizens when it goes fully operational in the time to come.

In his remarks at the inaugural ceremony, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the industrial park will help in skill and knowledge transfer beyond creating job opportunities for thousands of Ethiopians.

So far four companies engaged in garment and textile production in the 15 working shades in the Dire Dawa industrial park, which is built at 150 hectares of land.

Similarly, Prime Minister Abiy also inaugurated a modern export standard abattoir in the outskirt of Dire Dawa.

The abattoir has the capacity to slaughter more than 100 camels, more than 3,000 sheep and goats per day.

The new abattoir will allow the city to meet the current and future needs of its urban population and enable to provide standard meat and meat products for both local and international markets on the top of creating job opportunities to the local communities.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency