PM Abiy Extends Congratulatory Message to 14th Nations, Nationalities, Peoples Day

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed extended a congratulatory message to Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Day, which will nationwide be celebrated tomorrow.

Premier Abiy said the day signifies unity in diversity of Ethiopians how beautiful, priceless and respected multinational cultures and identities they have.

The day also demonstrates Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples are intertwined and inherited one another with blood, culture, values and norms for years, he added.

Ethiopians have struggled and paid scarification for equality, freedom, justice and self administration to develop their culture and languages, Abiy said.

The constitution has assured the long awaited struggle for self-determination of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, he noted.

Currently, the genuine federal system of Ethiopia creates conducive play ground and inclusiveness for all regional states in the political system of the country, he affirmed.

The Nations, Nationalities, Peoples Day is celebrated for the 14th times at national level.

Ethiopia has more than 80 different ethnic groups with diverse language and culture, it was learned.

Source: Ethiopia News agency